High Chair Productions - Minnesota Music Production Services
Music Production Services from High Chair Productions

Recording.  Editing.  Mixing.

We supply a way to get your creative voice heard.  By…

  • Recording an album, song, part of a song, overdubs…
  • Editing existing tracks, drum straightening, forming walls of sound…
  • and Mixing, making everything blend.


We also,

  • Create original music
  • Cut/blend tracks for dance mixes
  • Make you smile when you’re feeling down

Those are merely the main things we do. We also create music for commercial use, advertising, or anything else you might need it for. Everything we do allows us to learn and experiment. In the end, it all comes out sounding great.

Whether it be Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Classic, or even crazy Punk style, we’ll work with it, any genre of music.